The Chevrolet Matiz

The Chevrolet Matiz is the name originally given to the model that we no know as the Chevrolet Spark.

The Matiz is an affordable but fun car. The car has a small engine but has been improved from the previous model. The cars cutesy exterior was replaced with a more traditional and contemporary look. The car’s rear end design is impressive but the front is much less appealing.

The interior is similar to that of the original car. The cabin is really large for such a small car and utilizes cabin space well. The boot is also spacious and is able to accommodate a number of packages.

One major complaint is that the cabin’s switches make the cabin feel outdated and behind the times. This does not affect the car’s ability to deliver a fun ride, and Chevrolet offers a free servicing agreement that makes the car a very attractive option for buyers.

The Matiz comes equipped with an 800cc unit that has lots of pep and provides good feedback. The Matiz has a good chassis and suspension system, a huge improvement over the previous model.


The Chevrolet Matiz is a very inexpensive purchase as far as new cars go. The car comes with a free servicing agreement from Chevrolet that is good for three years. That provides additional incentives for buyers to choose the little Matiz over the competitor’s. Running costs are minimal on this vehicle, but resale value tends to be low as well.

The little Matiz provides more than adequate cabin space. Both driver and passengers should be fairly comfortable even on more substantial journeys, the cabin has been strategically positioned to get the most space possible. The cabin’s high roof helps provide even more space, and there is plenty of space for passengers and storage.

The car’s controls and displays have a cheap plastic look and feel. They do not do justice to the rest of the car. The main driver controls could be located in a handier place as well.

The seats are not the most comfortable and are a direct reflection of the price of the car. Cabin noise is also pretty high in the Matiz, but when the car is driven properly engine noise is tolerable.

For the car’s size it provides good accessibility. It has large doors that open wide to help facilitate the process. The car provides seatbelts for five passengers, but it can more realistically and comfortably accommodate four passengers. The boot is accessible but must be opened from the inside of the car which can be inconvenient at times.

The Matiz is an easy car to park. The driver sits up high, and the car provides great all round visibility. The car is so small that it can easily fit into even the tiniest parking space. Parking sensors are not likely to be needed with this car.

Life Style

The Matiz looks faster than what it really is. Its cute exterior design makes it a really fun car to drive. This car steers and handles very well, the Matiz can be driven hard and provides adequate power without being a fast car.

The Matiz is not a family car. It is way too small to cope with the demands of an active or growing family. It could be used as a second car or a commuter car. The Matiz could easily handle family errands to school or the library, but is not likely to do well carpooling the soccer team or a car load of cheerleaders and sports equipment.

The Matiz would make an excellent first car. It has an attractive exterior style, and has enough power for a new driver but not too much power. The assisted steering makes it an even easier car to drive for beginners and the cars will actually promote proper driving skills in new drivers.

The low price of the Matiz means that buyers will probably be concerned with the reliability of the vehicle more than the vehicle’s image. The car is more likely going to be selected for its merit rather than its style. However, Chevrolet’s emblem only stands to boost the car’s sales.

Security and Safety

The Matiz’s low price tag insures that it will not likely be a prime choice of car thieves. It does come standard with an immoboliser just in case.

The car comes equipped with front passenger airbags, but is not regarded as the safest car in its class. On the plus side, the car’s size and agility can assist the driver to maneuver out of many sticky situations.

The Finishing Touches

The Matiz comes equipped with a standard Blaupunkt RDS CD player. Sound quality is sufficient but not great.