Buying a used car is often something that many people will have to do because they can't afford a new car, and younger drivers especially will be interested in the Chevrolet Spark. With a low insurance group, low running costs and being available for a low purchase price on the used market does seem like a winning package for the Spark, but because of the low volume of new car sales in the UK finding a used Spark is a fairly rare occurrence.  The model was only launched in 2010, meaning that the cars coming on to the used market will be still within warranty and will generally mean they will have fairly low mileage too.

The Chevrolet Spark is a car that has replaced the Matiz as the small city car of the Chevrolet range, and the majority of the models are actually quite an attractive proposal.  Some people will find the basic entry level model a little too basic, while the LS level of trim being the most desirable, coming with air conditioning and electric windows in the front of the car.  There are two engines available in the Spark, and although the 1.0 litre engine is the more frugal and efficient of the two engines, the marginally more expensive to run 1.2 litre engine will be preferable in terms of the performance of the car.

When purchasing a used car it is always advisable to run a HPI check to make sure there is no outstanding lending on the car, and having a mechanic check the engine to make sure there are no obvious problems is wise too.  Buying a Spark from a dealer will give people a little more reassurance about the quality of the vehicle, but this does come at a higher premium than those that are available on the private sales market.

It makes sense to search in your local area, for example car sales Coventry - or whichever other city you are from in the UK - to find cars within close proximity.